Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decision Time

I have finished writing about the book, "Crossing the Ditch" by James Castrission and am now at a decision point about what to do next.

I took over this blog for Rick Isaacson about a year ago as he did not have the time to carry out his plans. I don't know that I have really done justice to the vision that Rick had for this site. There was a long lapse between when Rick stopped posting and when he turned the keys over to me. The momentum and comments that were generated under Rick's watch never really rematerialized after I took over.

That being the case, and since blogging seems to take up a lot of time (for me at least), I'm at a point where I need to decide if I will continue to maintain the Paddler's Book Club blog.

If I do continue, the format of this blog would change from its current "Oprah Book Club"-type focus, which was Rick's vision, to a book review format. My blog posts would simply be reviews of paddling-related books (instructional, travel narratives, historical, etc.). Another option would be for me to return the Paddler's Book Club site to Rick and just start a whole new blog for my book reviews.

If anyone has strong feelings about this, I would appreciate hearing from you.



  1. Hi Sherri, I have enjoyed reading your posts and will continue to follow you no matter your decision. Sometimes I missed your tweets that there had been a new post, just thinking if you post the same tweet a couple of times more paddlers might catch them and visit the site. Anyway, thanks again for your efforts and care!
    Stewart @stewthebassman on twitter

  2. Thanks, Stewart. I have to admit that I didn't always get a tweet out about new posts. I'm not really a twitter user myself and wasn't really sure if it was doing anything for this blog. It's good to know that someone was paying attention. If I continue, I will try to be more disciplined about tweeting.

  3. I'm never sure if anyone reads my tweets either, but sometimes they do!! Take care!