Monday, December 7, 2009

Author Bio: Matt Broze Co-Author of Sea Kayaker: Deep Trouble

Matt has collected information on over 540 kayaks stolen since 1994. Since 1979 Matt has test paddled (and made notes about) over 1000 different kayak models. He and his brother designed the Mariner sea kayak line beginning in 1980 and ran a retail sea kayak speciality store in the Seattle area for many years. Matt developed outrigger paddle float rescues in 1981. He developed the method Sea Kayaker magazine uses to calculate drag on a kayak and still does all the drag calculations for their kayak reviews. He is retired and presently writing about alpine skiing techniques he has developed.

After watching aging boomers trying to reenter their kayaks by themselves in a swimming pool Matt sees a need for a foot step (or two) that can be easily attached to (and kept ready on) a kayak's back deck. If anyone wants to design, build or market such steps contact Matt for free help as to what is needed and his ideas on the subject.

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